Fader Cast 008 X Fatalgroove X The Journey

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„Fatalgroove“ discovered „Electronic Music“ in the mid 90s in the tender age of 15.
In the early years of the techno movement he was amazed by Trance and Progressive Sounds and already lived for this music.

„I work mainly in genres like „Tech House, Deep House, House, Techno, Indie Dance, Nu Disco, Soulful House, Progressive House & Electronica and i would never commit myself to just one musical direction, because in the end the result is one and that’s my kind of art and is always connected to my feelings.“

In the early years of the techno movement he was amazed by „Trance“ and „Progressive Techno“ and already lived for the music. So it happend that he had his first gigs with 17 in Cottbus which was „Eastern Germany“ back then.
In the age of 18 he moved to „Western Germany“ to find his luck there and he found it – totally being taken over by „Progressive Techno“.
Being one of the few DJs and producers back in these days, Fatalgroove experienced the „Golden Years“ being shaped, by his own unique and uncomparable style.

After years in the „Techno Scene“ he began to promote his own events and founded a promotion agency focusing on the development and encouragement of young artists and newcomers.
Some of the biggest and hippest locations he filled was the Tor 3 (Düsseldorf), Kult Kontor (Wuppertal) and the Coopido (Neuss).

From 2004 to 2007 „Fatalgroove“ took  a creative break but since 2007 he is back and continous to serve stunning mixes somewhere between his very own „Progressive Style“ and modern „Minimal Techno“.




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