Obba Select

If you just want to lose it – Put Obba Select on

Obba Select” is an artist collective of DJs, producers from Munich & Cologne.
As part of different HipHop, Electro and Reggae crews they played massive gigs in clubs, on festivals and parties throughout Europe like “Chiemsee Reggae Festival”, “Oben Ohne Festival”, media/after show parties “Schlag den Raab” , “Germany’s Next Topmodel”, “Porsche” & “Chevrolet”.


“Obba Select.” members supported acts like Turntablerocker, Dan Caster, Macka B., Gentleman, Torch, Dendemann, Cro, Kraftklub, Camp Lo and many more.Their sound is a mixture of funky electro, deep melodies and organic samples based on their HipHop and live music background which formed there musical talents and techniques.

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For booking requests, ask for Arielle: booking@obbaselect.com

Enjoy The Mix, Folks!

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