Philippe Mastrocola


The graffiti scene in Montreal is huge! Watch local artist Philippe Mastrocola complete a rooftop piece.
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If you’ve visited Montreal, you will have seen the abundant amount of murals decorating the old walls of the city. In this video, we follow Philippe Mastrocola while he creates a new rooftop mural atop of an apartment building in the Plateau/Mile End area. Over a period of 2 days, he creates a colourful abstract using top quality spray paint that can be seen by the whole neighbourhood.

That’s a lot of work, but we have compressed this process into a 5 minute video for you to enjoy. We show some of the other murals and graffiti to be found in the surrounding area of Saint Laurent – a part of town known for its painted walls. Each year during the summer, the Mural Festival talks place on St Laurent. If you’re visiting Montreal, be sure to check out the street art!

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Philippe Mastrocola can be found on ~

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