Dio Ganhdih

Queer Indigenous Rapper Dio Ganhdih Shares Extraterrestrial Video For „Pussy Vortex“

Watch as this Bay Area-based MC navigates cosmic green screens and unquenchable thirst.

Dio Ganhdih is a queer indigenous MC decolonizing the game through her bold lyricism that directly confronts sexuality, gender identity, and the struggles of an urban Native lifestyle. With a musical upbringing rooted in traditional Iroquois ceremonies and celebrations, Dio Ganhdih incorporates the rhythms of her Cherokee and Mohawk lineage into her work as a hip-hop artist. The result is undeniably fresh: uninhibited flows, distinct sounds, and a trademark humor that makes even the most uncomfortable topics entertaining. Today, she shares her first video for the song “Pussy Vortex,” directed by Angel Favorite.

Packed with nods to the kitschy graphics of decades past, Dio Ganhdih addresses the hardships of ending an unhealthy romance. “The song stems from being caught in the (deep) end of a relationship and the realization that what was keeping us there was the constant surrendering to sexual desire,” Dio Ganhdih told The FADER in an email. “The pussy vortex is about relinquishing control, celebrating femininity, and basking in momentary euphoria.”

Throughout the video, she oscillates between her strong anti-bullshit front and writhing in galactic sheets, mourning her pre-pussy-vortex agency. UFOs and Word Art bounce around the green screen, making lines like Don’t give it to me straight baby, give it to me gay as hilarious as they are real. Watch the video above and cop a free “Pussy Vortex” download via Dio Ganhdih’s SoundCloud.



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