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#HIbelieves in creating more than we consume.

This has been an evolutionary part of our creative process, especially so in the last 6 months. We’ve found that with time and experience, our desire to simplify and refine our approach has grown strong.

As a result, we’ve come to a place in our creative journey where the desire to woodshed a bit more and really focus on honing craft vs. talking about craft is manifesting quite profoundly.

This is also directly related to a lot of conversations on what kind of work is truly meaningful to both of us – and that is still very much a work in progress.

So, as part of this new evolution of HI! – one of our strongest core values is to do more and talk less in the process. It’s our way of continuing to explore how we can contribute in increasingly meaningful ways.

We’ve gradually reduced and refined our online consumption habits. We’ve opted out of most newsletters (except for a few), stopped reading blogs for the most part, stopped blogging recently ourselves, and are focusing most of our attention on @Instagram these days (mainly because we value it as a platform for connection and conversation more than other channels). All of this has been a process of creating more space so we can get to the essence of doing shit that really matters to us long term.

It’s not that we don’t value teaching from experience as a byproduct of creativity. It’s just that we feel there is far too much focus in the creative and entrepreneurial communities on the abstract byproduct instead of the product that fuels it.

This is, by no means, is an indictment on anyone who finds value in teaching from the creative process.

More so, it’s a drive for us to have more substance to teach from so that we can bring even more value to the table when we do talk about our process.

After all, how can we have a strong product to fuel what we teach when we’re devoting most of our time and creative energy to talking about what it takes to create it?


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